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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Karbiner 98K

Karbiner 98K, abbrieviated Kar98k was one of the best known guns of WW2. As well as one of the best bolt action rifles of all time.

Manufacturer: Mauser
Country: Germany
Design Year: 1935
Years of Service: 1935-Present
Cartridge: 8x57mm IS 
Capacity: 5 roundsAction: Bolt Action
Muzzle Velocity: 2,493 ft/s
Effective Range: 500m (550yd) Iron sights. +800m (+875yd) Scope.
Maximum Range: 2,700m (8,900 ft)
Composite: Wood, Steel
Weight: 8.2lb
Length: 43.70in
Barrel Length: 23.62 in

The Kar98k is a very accurate rifle, capable of long shots over 800 yards, because of this it was a very popular sniper rifle, usually equipped with a Zeiss scope. approximately 14,650,000 were produced over the 9 year time frame. even though so many were built, todays prices on this gun has increased rapidly do to its collectors value. It is a must have for any WW2 weapons collector. The most sought after of them all are the made in Germany, with SS or other stampings on it. this can reach up to $1000 easily. in the early 1990s you could buy on for around $100-200, now for a good one made in Germany you are looking at around $400-1400, depending on quality, matching serial numbers, and stampings. There is a sight that says they have original Kar98K for sale, but dont be tricked by Mitchell's Mausers. Claiming to have found these is Russian warehouses, only the top ones do. most are refurbished remakes of the Kar98k. So if planning on buying one of these great rifles, be sure to do as much research on it as possible and ask questions.

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