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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HK USP Elite

The Heckler & Kock USP Elite is one of the biggest pistols on the market. This is one of my all time favorite 45s. it is a well built, accurate gun. The Elite features one of the longest barrels in a pistol! 6.2 inches! where you would usually find 5 as the max barrel length on most full sizes. Because it has such a long barrel the bullet can increase velocity and become more accurate. USP "Universal Self-loading Pistol"

Manufacturer: Heckler & Kock 
Country: Germany
Cartridge: 45. ACP
Capacity: 10-12
Action: Double Action
Effective Range: 30m
Composite: Hi-grade Polymer frame, Metal Slide and internals. 
Weight: 860 grams
Length: 9.4 in
Barrel Length: 6.2 in

Features a ambidextrous safety and magazine drop lever, match grade trigger, adjustable trigger stop. O-Ring barrel, adjustable sights, rail slide under barrel. 

This is one force to be reckoned with, seen guys taking 100 yard shots with it and being accurate. plus you have that .45 round, so your toast if hit. If your looking for the bigger stick this is it. its the modern Dirty Harry gun! not the M29 44mag anymore. 
Cost can range from $1200-1800 depending on where you buy it. But if your wanting quality this is it!
Heckler and Kock Website.

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